How To: Fake It Until You’re Insta-Famous

We’ve all seen them, most of us follow some, but very few of us ‘regulars’ think we could ever be one; I’m talking, of course, about the Instagram-Famous. They are models, they are photographers, and they are chic in every way that normal people dream of being. If you’re like me, you have spent too many hours scrolling and wishing but ultimately knowing you’ll never take the plunge and commit to the Instagram business. Feel no shame, this could be for many reasons; fear of failure, or inadequacy or (like me again) pure laziness.

But fear no more, I am here for your favorite How To: style blog post to encourage you to do the impossible! So helpful and comprehensive you’ll think I’m secretly from Wiki How. Get ready to become, Insta-famous.



Get an account. I recommend you block out at least 12 hours of your day to commit to finding a username.

With 400 million daily users you can bet most of the good ones are already taken. 

Helpful Hint: try and create a username without useless numbers and symbols. Because @Katykat545725 or @HaNnAh$__wORld aren’t going to get Insta-famous. This is due to readability, but also search engine compatibility. 

If your using Instagram for business purposes you will rely on your account handle coming up in users searches. So kept it sharp and simple, and try and stay relevant to the topic/audience you are trying to reach. So basically if you are say a tattoo parlor trying to promote your artists, @catlover5678 isn’t going to come up in a search related to tattoos or art, etc. You get me?

Try something that has your name in it for starters, but also don’t rule out more fun and creative ideas. Just ensure that they are comprehensive and not too attacking for the eye to read.

A good example is something like, @queenb_ree, and I assure you thats’s not my own username and this isn’t shameful self promotion by any means.

But hey, helpful hint #2 use any means you can to get your account publicity



Who is your audience?

What is your purpose?

If you answered ‘ I don’t know?’ to either of these questions. You need to put on some slow music, meditate, and spend some time with your inner business god/goddess and let them give you the answer.

Once you have answered these questions keep the answers in the back of you mind, they will provide you with a clear direction for your account. 

Now take advantage of how cool Instagram is. If you are a business use the call to action setting. 

Look into influencer outreach. This basically means using similar account with substantial followings to promote your account. Contact them and request a shoutout and promotion for your account. Sometimes they will have a cost for you to do this or they may be a social media philanthropist and just help out the little insta-man, (that being you.) 

Branding boils down to defining your account. 

STEP THREERistorante-5.png

In terms of design, consistency is key. So it boils down to a few key concepts.

  • Link everything together! You want your account and your posts to be easy to move through. A hashtag relevant to your account the best way to do this, and simultaneously getting your posts out and associating them with similar existing content.

That’s all for today, but just remember there is always more to do to maintain your Instagram business, it’s about commitment and consistency. 


2 thoughts on “How To: Fake It Until You’re Insta-Famous

  1. Great! Now I can create an Instagram to rival Kylie Jenner. The examples were great to see what a cohesive Instagram looks like especially @queenb_ree #shamelessqueenbree


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