8 Reasons why you should make your bed every day…

Photo Credit: Siebe Warmoeskerken (unsplash.com)

If you are one of those people who think, ‘why make my bed when I’m just going to crawl back in it tonight’, then this post is for you. I want to show you how making your bed every morning can help you have a happier, healthier life and you can become an organised student in the process.

Here are eight reasons that making your bed every morning will make you a better student…

Photo Credit: Kari Shea (unsplash.com)

1. Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom.

When you walk into a room and see a nicely made bed, it invites you in and the rest of the room always looks cleaner, especially when you have unexpected guests (insert winking smiling face).

Photo Credit: Tao Heftiba (unsplashed.com)



2. One simple habit leads to other good habits.

Getting in the habit of making your bed every day can also lead to other good habits such getting to class on time and give up smoking.

Photo Credit: Immyandidi Instagram.com


3. Come on, it starts your day off right.

Who doesn’t love a tidy room and a nicely made bed? You’re feeling great with a clear and open mind to take in the seminar you need to attend.

Photo Credit: thecaringsociety.com


4. It inspires you to keep the rest of your house tidy.

Making your bed every day will encourage you to keep the rest of the house looking good. It’s easier to maintain by doing a little bit every day. And soon your bedroom is no longer in the ‘too hard basket’.  An organised house lets you focus on your studies.


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5. Making your bed is a good reminder that little things do matter.

As students, we are so focused on procrastinating about the next assessment that before we know it we have put off everything around us. We are living in filth, eating terribly and feel like we might be about to fall off the edge. Little things do matter according to retired Admiral William McRaven.

During his 2014 commencement address to graduates at the University of Texas, McRaven reflected on the many lessons he learned during his 36 years as a Navy SEAL. The first item on his list? Make your bed.



Photo Credit: i.ytmg.com

6. It makes you happy.

It’s 9 am Sunday morning and your assessment was handed in four days ago, enjoy the bliss.

Photo Credit: Videohive.net


7. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment and your day has just begun.

You are awesomely awesome, now go and have an awesome day! Compliment your teacher so they can have an awesome day too.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


8. Nothing is better than crawling into a nicely made bed especially at the end of a long day.

You just got a high distinction on your major project that you worked so hard on. Sleep well, you deserve it!

Photo Credit: Facebook

Good night, don’t let the bed bugs bite.


Just a recap,

  1. Make bed
  2. Make friends
  3. Get smarter
  4. Hand in assessments early
  5. Get High Distinction on major projects
  6. Sleep well

4 thoughts on “8 Reasons why you should make your bed every day…

  1. Thanks for your comment. I’m a bed maker from when I was a kid and have found it a great way to start my day clean and fresh.


  2. My bed is generally a storage space for all my half read books and laundry that I can’t be bothered putting away, or remember if it’s clean. I can understand how making my bed would be nice, but I think being messy is necessary as it distracts from the massive trash pile that my bedroom is. This in turn makes the rest of our house look marvellous. Have you ever considered the benefits of having a really messy bed?

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