Beards: 4 ways to make yours unique

Love your beard? Why not show it off in its full glory? Get creative with these 4 great ways to make you stand out as the unique individual you know you are.



Are you the proud owner of a beard? Are you planning to grow one? Whether neatly clipped, or wild and woolly, why not make the most of your furry asset and give it the care and recognition it deserves.

From full bushy beard to just the hint of a shadow- what’s your style? Decide on a shape and style you like, depending on the growth you have and the look you’re going for.

1. Beard size and shape – trimming and sculpting

  • Watch a few tutorials on You tube to help with techniques.
  • Check out images on the internet to find a style you like and that you think will suit the shape of your face and the type of hair growth you have. There’s heaps out there e.g. Google Images; Instagram etc.
  • Ensure you have the right equipment on hand (razor/electric trimmer; comb; mirror; shaving cream, basin of water etc.)
  • You have a shape in mind, so the trick is to get it symmetrical. Nobody wants an unintentionally crooked beard! This may take some practice but go slowly and step back occasionally to judge the overall shape.


2. Braid it

This is a great way to create an interesting look that is quick to create and can be used short or long-term. If you’ve never braided before there’s some easy tutorials on Youtube to help you get the hang of it.

  • Gather your materials (comb; elastics; mirror)
  • Decide on the type of braid (single braid; multiple braids) and whether you’re going to add decorations such as beads.
  • Divide your beard into 3 sections for each braid.
  • Begin close to your chin and keep tension on the hair to keep the braid firm.
  • Fix at the bottom with an elastic band (or whatever you wish – string, leather thong. Use your imagination here).
  • Work with a damp beard. This will help keep the braid firm and neat (and leaves a nice kink when you undo it later).

This short video shows how to create multiple braids. If you’ve never done any braiding before, you might like to watch the video below first. It covers the basics of completing a single braid.


‘Love your beard? Why not show it off in its full glory?’

3. Decorate it

Go crazy here. Use your imagination to think up new and unusual ways to decorate your beard. There’s plenty of ‘how to’ videos on Youtube such as this one (below). Think of a few themes that reflect some of your interests.

Once again, the internet is a great source of inspiration and information. You could decorate with baubles, feathers, flowers, safety pins, glitter, rows of different coloured elastics. Change the theme to suit your mood.

  • Gather materials (use whatever you can find but think about how you might attach items – you don’t want to damage your beard. Some easy ways are to hook or tie things on).
  • Experiment and have fun.
  • Again, there’s a lot of ideas to be found on the internet: check out Google Images, Youtube, Instagram or your favourite image sites.


If you’re into nature, check out this twitter post…

Flowers in beards can look amazing. Beard-gardens  are the latest trend – start weaving and threading.


“It’s amazing to see what a little imagination can achieve.”

 4. Colour it

There’s a whole range of colours available for tinting your hair/beard. If you’ve never used colour before but want to DIY, check out some of the tutorials on youtube.

!! Always read the product instructions and safety guidelines.

Using colour is one of the easiest ways to make your beard unique. You can go for permanent colour dyes or temporary coloured hairsprays.

  • Again, watch some tutorials on Youtube to get the basics.
  • Purchase the colouring product of your choice. Ammonia free is the best. Ensure you read the instructions, especially safety instructions.
  • It’s best to set yourself up in front of a sink with a mirror.
  • Materials you may need: comb; latex gloves; old towel (or wear an old shirt); clock (to time how long the product is left on); tissues (to wipe smudges or spills; rubbish bag


  • Always start with a clean beard.
  • Keep your beard in top condition by using beard care products like beard oil or balm or specialist beard shampoo and conditioner. You can even join a ‘beard club’ to do this e.g.


Unusual beards:

These are so great! It’s amazing to see what a little imagination can achieve.

My favourite!

Scary beard:


I’m not sure how he sleeps at night!

More beards:

Gorgeous guys with gorgeous beards.


Yes, great beards can belong to anyone, gender is not an issue!


Famous beards:

A few beards we all know and love:

Santa (obviously), wizards, gnomes, vikings and pirates.




The Wise Man.

Animal beards:

These are the best!

beard gif

Awesome beard dude!



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