How to create a GIF from a Movie

Please Note: To start with this guide, the assumption is made that you already have a video that you are wishing to convert into a GIF.

For this example you require the following software:

Adobe Photoshop CC

Step 1: Open up Adobe Photoshop on your computer.

Step 2: With photoshop open, click ctrl+o to open an existing file.

Step 3: Navigate to your movie, and click the button that says ‘open’.


Step 4: With the movie open in photoshop click ‘window’ from the top menu, then click ‘timeline’.


Step 5: Having clicked ‘timeline’, you should be able to see a window titled ‘timeline’ appear at the bottom of the screen. Click the play button, to play the animation in photoshop.Photoshop_2017-04-08_12-54-46

Step 6: If you need to shorten the video, you can drag the play head to any point in the video and then press the ‘cut’ button (which looks like a pair of scissors).


Step 7: Click on the part of the video you do not want to keep, and then press the ‘delete’ key. (CMD + Delete if on Mac) This will remove that part of the video.


Step 8: In order to convert the movie into a GIF, click ‘file’ from the top window, hover over ‘export’ and select ‘Save for Web (legacy)’. This will bring up the Export window.


Step 9: Depending on the length of the video, this can take up to a minute to load. When it is finished loading, you will see something like the image below:


Step 10: On the right of the screen, for the ‘Preset’ drop down box, select ‘GIF 128 Dithered’ (this will take a moment to load).


Step 11: If you want to reduce the size of the animation you can change the percentage or size in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 12: To make the animation loop, click the ‘looping options’ drop down box in the bottom right, and select ‘forever’.


Step 13: With this done, click ‘save’ to select a folder you want to save the animation too, and then click the save button. This will now create our animation.

Step 14: Open up the folder we saved our animation to, and we should see it. Open up the animation to ensure that it is working.

With this done we now have an animated image that we can use however we want!


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