How to create motivation

The wonderful thing about the future is that it is unspoiled. No matter how much time you have squandered and agonised in the past, the future is untouched, spotless and impossible to waste in advance. I believe the way you begin your day determines how you will live that day. I believe how you live your day is how you live your life. And how we live our days echoes our motivation. So how can we ensure the days we are living and the choices we are making are inspired by a truer incentive.

Motivation is not stumbled across, nor something grand looming on the horizon. Motivation is self-created. Sustained motivation is the ability to get up, be present and be honest. It requires self-discipline and a willingness to develop. Motive, meaning a reason for action, is why we do things. The choices we make in our days dictate our commitments. Motivation is generated through reason: seizing truth is the only way to understand purpose. So if motivation is something we want to commit and make clearer in our lives, the question is how do we activate, amplify and summon it?

“. . . our immediate thoughts and actions orchestrate the day that follows.”

A solution is developing a morning mantra. Pursuing drive starts from the moment we wake up. In my own life I have come to learn that how a day unfolds is in direct correspondence to how I spent rebooting. I believe our immediate thoughts and actions orchestrate the day that follows. Time spent dedicated to meditating impulses is a breakthrough toward self-actualization, which is naturally motivating.

I have developed a very effective morning ritual. I have spent time developing my mantra to suit my specific needs. Infusing passions and affective brainwashing helps ensure goals get the constant attention they need. Replicate, consider or use this as a guide to developing your own mantra.

  1. The first action of the day is read. Not the news, not the novel I fell asleep with, not social media: I read a self-help or uplifting text. I call this, affective brain washing. No more than ten minutes is needed: That’s enough time for a chapter. Positive and inspiring fuel is the first thing I will consume.
  2. Physical activity. I get some out of the way straight away, irrespective if I’ve planned more for later. I personally enjoy practising yoga and meditation and I would recommend this implementation to everyone. 45 minutes is enough time to sweat, stretch and play. This is a therapeutic time that greatly affects my confidence especially merging poses like tadasana.
  3. Thank yourself, outside. For me, a few quiet minutes outside lets me absorb the feeling that the morning has brought. I thank myself for dedicating time for myself and help my day evolve. I recognise how I feel. I sit outside so I can envision the day undisturbed (no cell phone, television or clutter). Being out under the suns rays or watching rainfall can be supportive too.

Can it be so simple? Yes. But consistency is key. To build your own motivation mantra start by contemplation. Consider, what stimulates you? Question, how can I employ these affectively? Find methods that renew and refocus your mind. Don’t be afraid to alter the routine: you’ll learn more about yourself, you’ll change, your goals will change and therefore, your mantra too will need to change.

So commit. Commit to yourself. Commit to improvement. Commit to your goals. If this overwhelms you, like me, then start by committing to just 1 hour every morning. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the motivation that follows . . .




3 thoughts on “How to create motivation

  1. Thanks for the post. I think it is so important in our busy lives to take time out to, as you say ‘renew and refocus’, but we so often forget this. I am also a big believer in the calming power of being in nature.


  2. “The wonderful thing about the future is that it is unspoiled.” Wow that sentence is going to stick with me! I love the idea of a morning mantra, I’ve recently discovered I can use my portable speaker as an alarm and get woken up by motivational music, it’s amazing what a difference it makes!


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