How to Float—the Art of Sensory Deprivation ≅ Stimulus Reduction.

Before the ride begins…

The art of sensory deprivation involves floating in a dark, soundless capsule full of warm salty water to reach deep levels of relaxation/mental clarity/calm. Here is the how-to for the best float possible.

Before floating:

  • Cultivate a bit of calm—the more relaxed, the deeper the float.
  • Ditch the morning coffee—same goes, the less stimulated the better.
  •  Follow the tao of needing to go—drink enough water, yet not too much and be sure to answer any calls of nature pre-float.
  • Do not eat a big meal—digestion in total silence is a noisy business.
  • Cultivate an open minded approach to the experience—let go of expectations
  • Practice some conscious breathingto get the most out of your float.

Then select one of many float operators in Melbourne

Gravity FloatBeyond RestElevationInnerverseResthouseLiquidroom

Tally healthInner Outer

∗Gravity Float is my choice.

You are ready ∞


Enter the float room ∞

(for best blog results play this music while reading)

Float Room: Shower and the Tank.

The room is private, this is a great time to indulge any naturalist tendencies. Float naked—clothes in the float are distracting—any jewellery or contacts lenses should also go.  Use the shower, rinse thoroughly and remember to dry your face (pro tip, water beads on the face are hugely distracting/annoying). Put in the provided ear plugs and you’re all set.


Enter the Tank and Close the Hatch


Let the water support you. Embrace the sensation of weightlessness—even if you fall asleep there is no danger of drowning—the 400kg+ of dissolved Epsom salt makes you super buoyant.


Tank Orientation

On your left-hand side, the emergency assistance button and a neck pillow if you want to use it. On the right, a switch for the lights and a fresh water spray bottle (for if you get any salt in your eyes).

Float Position

Stretch out and find what position your body feels most comfortable in. You can clasp your hands behind your head or let your arms float by your side. You can also use the neck cushion if you want to relieve extra neck tension.

Now is a good time to switch out the lights.

Give yourself a few minutes to adjust to the dark before the music fades out.


No light, no sound, weightless and ideally without the sense of touch or temperature.

You are alone with your mind. You will feel a little like this—


Inner Space Astronaut

This is where conscious breathing practice will really come in handy. Let your mind become like a boat on the water of the subconscious. Practice conscious breathing and mindful awareness—let stresses and issues come into focus and then fade away. It is important to let your mind do its own thing. Let the images, ideas and thoughts appear and disappear on their own.


“Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…”

You have put yourself in the canoe—now let the river take you. An hour will pass without any concept of time—before you know it the music will fade back in.

Turn the light back on and slowly open the hatch. As you move back into the world of sound, light, and gravity, reflect on where you went during the float.

Have a shower and wash the salt from your body (now is the time for the provided conditioner).

Senses New

The world after the float can feel like living in HD Blueray from the future compared to early VHS. Don’t operate heavy machinery or try to have any kind of conversation with your uber driver on the way home.

∞ Tonight you will sleep like a baby ∞



3 thoughts on “How to Float—the Art of Sensory Deprivation ≅ Stimulus Reduction.

  1. What a great idea! The concept of tuning into your mind without the distraction of your physical self is intriguing. I’ve never heard of this before but am def going to give it a go. One question… is it claustrophobic in there?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess how confined the space is depends on you—it’s easy to leave the pod door open if you’re feeling claustrophobic. 😀


  2. I’ve been meaning to try this out and I think you convinced me.
    In this day and age with so much tech around us, it’s important to find different ways for relaxation.
    Feedback: One picture of an empty pod would have been enough. Loved the rest!

    Liked by 1 person

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