How to Run a Facebook Meme Page


With the amount of emotional venting and political nonsense we encounter everyday on social networking, It’s no wonder that people from all walks of life enjoy humorous content on their Facebook feed.
As a very ashamed young man that used to run a humorous Facebook page with over half a million likes, I think it’s safe to say that I know a thing or two about terrible internet humour. While it certainly takes a special kind of degenerate to admin a successful Facebook comedy page, talent and a great idea aren’t always enough. In Mark Zuckerberg’s evil domain there are rules that need to be played by and concepts that need to be capitalized upon.

While referring to humorous Facebook pages as “Meme Pages” is certainly a blanket term that cant describe every facet of comedy out there, it is a term that’s generally accepted with some reluctance by the online community. Whether you wanna go mainstream with your page and vent about “student problems” or appeal to the lowest form of basement dwelling professional hot dog eaters out there, you’ve come to the right place.

Step 1: Starting with a Great Idea

For a Facebook humour page, content is everything. It doesn’t matter if its memes relating to right wing politics in Great Britain or the same picture of Steve Buscemi everyday, popular Facebook humour pages are often founded upon original and entertaining premises that deliver original content on a consistent basis. Here are some more examples of popular pages that are founded upon strong and original ideas:

  • Blockbuster Uganda – A page that focuses on the violent daily struggles of a fictional Blockbuster store in Uganda. Well known for their war with a similar page named Netflix South Sudan


  • Seinfeld2000 – What if the greatest sitcom of all time never ended? What if it continued to this very day and addressed the humour that arises from social issues in 2017? What if Jerry got an iPad? Seinfeld2000 holds the answers to these questions.
  • Bodybuilders Against Tipping – A fictional group of bodybuilders and athletic young men who strongly oppose the modern day practice of tipping waiters and other employees in the service and hospitality industry. Often worships the deceased Australian bodybuilder known as “Zyzz” and refers to waiters as “Foodslaves”. #NOTIPCREW


For the purpose of this instructional guide, I’ve started a new page of my own by the name of Emo Lyrics in All Caps. Without putting in a trace of effort or advertising my page by any means it’s gone on to gain almost 400 likes in a few days. When there’s literally no consequence for the failure of your page, any idea is worthwhile.

Step 2: Considering “Shitposting”

Maybe you’re not much of a “big idea” sort of person, maybe you’ve got daily thoughts and random images on your computer that the world needs to know about. If this describes you, you might be better off creating whats known as a “Shitposting Page”. Shitposting pages are often run by multiple admins who share their comedic, occasionally hateful, disturbing and often bizarre thoughts with the world on a daily basis. Often these pages lack any kind of cohesive theme or hilarious name, making it hard for them to quickly gain popularity. But if your daily statuses are strong enough, Shitposting pages can certainly make it to “the big leagues” eventually.



Step 3: Planning your Content Stream

While it’s certainly important to deliver content to your audience on a consistent basis, Facebook’s “Organic Reach” system curbs over-saturation of a pages content by slowly limiting the amount of people who see your posts if there happen to be too many in one day. If your page happens to focus on posts with a large amount of effort put behind them, I’d recommend posting only once or twice per day. For “shitposting” pages however, I’d say six or seven posts per day should be considered as a maximum limit. Pages can also encourage their hardcore fans to click the “See First” button, meaning that every piece of content the page delivers will be brought to the top of this fan’s news feed.



Step 4: Play by the Rules

The fourth and final step is a simple yet incredibly important one, keep it relatively clean. It’s important to remember that Facebook is a privately owned social networking site, not a personal blog where anything goes. Posting something that violates the content rules of Facebook can lead to temporary bans on your account or the complete termination of your page. The bigger your page, the more careful you’ll have to be. Bans or removals at the hands of Mr Zuckerberg are often referred to in the community as getting “zucc’d”. You’ve been warned.



You are now ready to terrorize the world of Facebook, enjoy!








One thought on “How to Run a Facebook Meme Page

  1. I never used to think about setting up a Facebook meme page, but now I’m seriously considering it. Thank you for helping me find a new way to relax and procrastinate, Donald. This post is awesome and that picture of Mark Zuckerberg scared the bejesus outta me.


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