How To Schedule Tweets for Your Benefit!

Whether you’re using Twitter for your personal or work life, learning how to schedule a tweet can be beneficial in making sure you keep yourself on schedule.

Scheduling tweets can be so helpful if you work in social media, or is handy if you’re promoting an event. By scheduling tweets you are able to plan in advance what you want to say and when it is best to say it.

For example if you are promoting for an event and you have a countdown in the week leading up to it you might want to schedule your tweets in advance. By doing this, all your tweets are prepared and it’s one less thing you will have to worry about.

It is also great for reaching your followers at peak times. If you want people to see your posts when you post them, scheduling your tweets for times your followers are the most active can help.

If you are interested in getting the most out of Twitter and your followers, simply follow these easy steps below.

S T E P  1.jpg

First you will need to log into your twitter account through Tweet Deck either on or by downloading the application for your desktop. Once you have logged in, locate and click the tweet symbol in the top left corner of the page, this will then open a new section that you will be able to schedule and tweet from.

0 copy.png

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A new section will open. Once the new section has opened you are then able to write your desired tweet (within 140 characters), you will also be able to add an image, gif or link which I have done below.

1 copy

S T E P  3.jpg

The next step is to schedule what time and date you would like your tweet to be posted. Picking a time to tweet can be very important to how many followers you reach. Between 9:00am – 11:00am and 6:00pm – 8:30pm are usually the peak times for twitter, however you can choose anytime you desire. To schedule your tweet locate the button below where you have just written your tweet called ‘Schedule Tweet’ and click on it.

3 copy.png

S T E P  4.jpg

A new tab will open just below with a clock and a calendar. First select what time you want your tweet to be posted, as stated above posting between 9:00am – 11:00am and 6:00pm – 8:30pm are usually the peak times for twitter. Next select the date that you want the tweet to be posted.

4 copy.png

S T E P  5.jpg

Once you have selected the time and date you want your tweet to be posted you will then click the ‘Tweet” button. This button will specify the date that it will be posted. To double check you have the right time, just below the button will be the scheduled time and date again.

5 copy.png

S T E P  6.jpg

Finally to the far right of the screen there is a column titled ‘Scheduled’. This column  allows for you to see all of your scheduled tweets. It is important to note that here you are able to edit or delete any on the posts if you find an error or change your mind.

6 copy.png


3 thoughts on “How To Schedule Tweets for Your Benefit!

  1. What a great guide! I only wish that I had come across this before a certain social media assignment was due. I ended up with a lot of issues tweeting on the day and balancing work duties. If only I had known I could schedule tweets, this would have enabled me to plan better and made the day less stressful. Thanks for writing this!

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