Doctor Who Season 10


Bill: I don’t know. Saw this thing on Netflix. Lizards in people’s brains.
The Doctor: Right. So you meet a girl with a discolored iris and your first thought is she might have a lizard in her brain?

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Those terrifying salt and pepper shakers are back, along with the blue telephone box that may have blended into the landscape in the mid 1960’s when the show was created but now looks totally redundant. ‘Why would you need a pay phone?” the kids of today ask as they stare down at their smart phones. They even had to give the Daleks the ability of flight in this updated series to try to generate a little moimgres.jpgre fear. This generation of fans would never fear a cumbersome, slow rolling enemy unable to make a three-point turn no matter how loud it screamed Exterminate! Yes, the audience may have changed but the beauty of your main character being a time traveler is that you can update technology simply by basing his enemies in a different, more up to date time-stream.

Season 10

And that’s the theme of this latest season. The whole Doctor Whoniverse was revamped for the 21st century and now 10 seasons in we have the first major reboot. I think reboot is the buzzword of the entire entertainment industry for the 21st century as we find ourselves waiting in line to see yet another King Kong, Star Wars or Marvel blockbuster. Why shouldn’t the gimages-1.jpgood doctor be rebooted as well. Those in the know would argue that the entire whovian concept of regeneration, created to keep the series running after the decision to replace the original Doctor, William Hartnell, may have made Doctor Who the first show to actually reboot itself.


The show’s head writer, Stephen Moffat, believes this season is the one for all those who have never seen a Doctor Who episode to jump on board. We have a new companion, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie)

images.jpgwho asks all the questions you would ask yourself if you happened to be suddenly scooped up into the world of a 2000-year-old time traveler. In a first for Doctor Who our companion is openly gay ruling out any hint of a romance between her and the aging 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Not to say there was anything untoward going on with the previous companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) but there may have been in his previous incarnation as the much younger 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. Bill is a very relatable, fun character; a food server in the university canteen who is secretly sneaking into the Doctor’s lectures even though she isn’t enrolled as a student. In this episode find out that the Doctor has been lecturing there for 50 years, making this the longest time he has stayed in the one place. The comical manbot Nardole (comedian Matt Lucas), who we met in the Christmas special, has been with him the whole time and as the plot develops we discover that they have been observing a mysterious vault on the university campus. What it contains is anyones guess at this stage but the seeds for this seasons have well and truly been planted.

Episode 1 – The Pilot

This is all a backdrop to the events in this opening episode. Bill meets a love interest who ends up being consumed by an alien liquid creature and who ends up chasing her and the Doctor through time and space. Talk about a Fatal Attraction. As usual the Doctor works it all out by the end of the episode and we are left anxiously waiting for more. In these days of Netflix, it’s hard to keep the millennials in suspense for a full week, us Generation Xers as well. Welcome Back Doctor.


Watch Episode 1 – The Pilot Trailer Here


5 thoughts on “Doctor Who Season 10

  1. Great review. I am a Doctor Who fan but I am ashamed to say that I lapsed after a few episodes with Peter Capaldi. I still can’t see past his role as Malcolm Tucker. I am prepared to give it another shot though – you make it sound like it’s worth it.


  2. I loved “The Pilot” and thought it was a great introduction to Bill. She was instantly likable, and has stayed likable through the few episodes we’ve seen so far. I was particularly struck by her curiosity: where Amy was wide-eyed with childhood glee and Clara seemed politely puzzled, Bill is just as excited to ask questions as she is to have them answered. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her. Well done to Pearl Mackie for giving such an amazing performance.


  3. I’ve loved the rebooted Dr Who! All 10 seasons—ha!
    Although I have to admit that old timelord scallywag Tom Baker is my favourite.

    It’s always a tough slog for a new Dr.
    It was always going to be hard for Peter Capaldi—post-Smith and before that post-Tennant. The Grand plots of the last few seasons are tough competition as well. Although this season does see Moffat and Capaldi signing off—maybe we can expect some fireworks on the way out?

    The saddest thing: Peter Capaldi won’t get to show us a Dr without Moffat—
    oh well.

    Also what is up with Rove McManus hosting a Whovian panel post show on the ABC?


  4. I’m one of those super new Dr Who converts. I only started watching last season with Clara in the role of sidekick, but I have to say I’ve fast fallen in love with Bill. Excellent name aside, she’s a genuinely likeable character. I also quite like this version of the Dr—not that I have anything to compare it/him too.
    All that said, I’ve heard/read some criticism of Moffat, particularly in relation to his writing of female characters, so I’m interested to read in the comment above that he will be moving on. I wonder what will become of the Dr, and the shows female characters, next season?


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