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Sur La Lune (found at is a site dedicated to fairytales. Good for both fairy tale aficionados and beginners, it holds in-depth analysis of several fairytales in its annotated tales, a collection of fairy tales from around the world, and a large ebook and paper book collection of various modern retellings and published collections.

Ease of Use

SurLaLune is exceptionally easy to use – even someone who is not very good with the internet can navigate it with ease.

2017-05-072017-05-07 (1)

It has a header which has several links to various parts of the site, such as the Annotated Tales, the Illustration Gallery, and the Ebook and Bookstore. It also has a sidebar on the right, which shows various ebooks and books about or retelling fairy tales from

2017-05-07 (2)

The main attraction of the site, however, is the side bar to the left, which features links to numerous fairy tales, ordered alphabetically, from Baba Yaga to the Ugly Duckling.


Each of those sidebar links leads to an annotated tale, where the story is told combined with various notes via hyperlinks – if you just wish to read the story, you can, if you want to go more indepth, you can.

For an example, take the Beauty and the Beast Annotated Tale. To access it, you would just click on the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ link in the left sidebar, and it would take you to the main page of that fairy tale.

2017-05-07 (3)

Once again, the right sidebar of this page has images of and links to books relating to the chosen fairy tale, whilst the left side bar has a ‘best of the web’, an ‘FAQ’, and list of links, which allows the reader to access the annotated tale, the annotations, a history of the tale, a list of similar tales from different cultures, modern interpretations of the fairy tale, illustrations, and a bibliography and book gallery. The center of the page has the story itself, with the annotations provided as hyperlinks should you wish to view them whilst reading the tale.

The annotations themselves range from clarifications on aspects of the tale that might not be known to modern audiences, to notes on themes and thematic influences.

2017-05-07 (4)


However, while the content is extensive and expertly researched, and the site is remarkably easy to use, the appearance could do with some work. For instance, the website itself could stand to be a little bit wider, especially as the use of sidebars makes the center part particularly narrow, and the background tends to distract from the text.

2017-05-07 (4)


Overall, is perfect for fans of fairy tales wishing to know more about the history or thematic meanings of their favorites, for people researching fairy tales in general or one particular fairy tale in specific, or just for people who want to know more about fairy tales, or who want to read other authors retellings and reinterpretations of their favorites.

It also has lovely pictures.



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