A Day for Moving, A Day for Groovin! Groovin The Moo 2017


Saturday the 6th of May commemorates the day a sea of people painted themselves in glitter and lined up outside the Bendigo Showgrounds in anticipation for the incredible lineup of this years Groovin the Moo, presented by Cattle Yard, triple j and Spotify. The crowd was buzzing with excitement and the need to dance.

Walking into the Showgrounds there were people crowded around each stage dancing and singing along to their favourite acts and the energy around me was electrifying. Everyone I passed had a smile on their face that mirrored my own. There were people piled in the mosh pit, people dancing towards the back and people relaxing with friends on the grass, there was something for everyone. GTM delivered great music, delicious food, booze and an all around groovy day. And Bendigo was kind enough to shower us with sunshine…and only a little rain, but the various drops in temperature (7°c)  didn’t stop anyone form having an incredible time.

With an all star line up of Aussie and international acts there was music for everyone. Whether you wanted upbeat, relaxed or music to burst your ear drums there was that and every other music in-between. It was hard to choose where to go first, and even harder to choose who to miss out on.

The day began with some of the smaller, and more local acts including Birdz, Kinder, Tusk and Methyl Ethel but the real fun began later in the day. The day only got better as the acts when on, Loyal Carner, Milky Chance, Thundamentals, Pnau, Snakehips and The Wombats were a few of my favourite. Their music, all different but all incredible did not let the crowd down. They were all bursting with energy and I could not wipe the smile off my face.

The hardest part of the day was deciding whether to watch Milky Chance or the Thundamentals, so i decided to watch both. Milky Chance gave me a chance to relax in the mosh pit and just sway to the music, their set was exactly how I’d hoped it would be. They were as relaxed and groovy as ever and only getting me more excited to head over to the Thundamentals. I was not disappointed, the Thundamentals put on a fantastic set the was upbeat, engaging and had everyone dancing. With some old favourites and some songs from their latest album it was hit after hit and there was never a dull moment.


This all ages event caters to everyone whether you want to spend the day with with friend or family, and even you kids, there is plenty of room for pushers. If you ever get the chance to go to Groovin the Moo, take it!

Groovin the Moo was a day where people from all over came to enjoy some great music with some even greater people. The atmosphere was electric and contagious and not one person was left disappointed. For myself and thousands of others GTM 2017 will be a day to remember, it was a day I experience music from all around Australia and the world.

All in all GTM was a long day but I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Saturday any other way and if you choose to go, neither will you.



3 thoughts on “A Day for Moving, A Day for Groovin! Groovin The Moo 2017

  1. Nice! I spent about half an hour watching my snapchat stories that weekend, because every second person was there. While a lot of the music played there probably wasn’t my thing, it’s always so great to see people gathering to enjoy something awesome and unforgettable together. Being in a crowd like that is such a great feeling 🙂


  2. What a great overview of Groovin the Moo! You’ve really captured the positive, good music vibes of the festival. Did any performance really stand out for you in a way you didn’t expect? I wasn’t a fan of the Wombats, but they were fantastic at this year’s GTM (I see you thought so too). I’ve been vegging out to their music since the festival; wondering if you’ve had a similar experience?


  3. I missed out on tickets to Groovin the Moo this year! I had to live vicariously through all of my friends Snapchat stories! From what I saw and heard, this years festival was an incredible day! You really captured that feeling in this overview of the day. I loved the feeling of just escaping from life for a day and being absorbed in live music. It’s always such an amazing feeling, standing in the middle of a huge crowd while you’re all connecting with the music together. So glad you had a good time!


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