Hair Grooming: The Slick Comparison

Bad hair day: Ain’t nobody got time for that – Anon


It is important to try and look your best all the time. Having a good hair style is vital in achieving this. A wise person once said, “Your hair is 90% of your selfie”. What’s difficult though is to find the right product for your hair type and style. I’ve taken some of the hard work out of it for you and road tested 3 popular hair styling products.

Redken Work Hard Moulding Paste – $30.90

Redkenredken‘s Work Hard Moulding Paste is a great all-round product for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is water-based and easily reworked and washed out. Secondly, it gives your hair a highly textured, low sheen look that is smooth and non-greasy. Polystretch fibres give your hair flexibility and manageability and finally, it can be used on hair of any length which is rare with these types of products. However, this product definitely works best with medium length cuts that can be textured and messed up.

You can check this product (and the entire Redken men’s range) here

Bumble & Bumble Lo-Gloss Elastic Moulding Compound – $41.00

I really wanted to like this product as the reviews were rabumble 2ve about how fantastic B&B Lo-Gloss Moulding Compound is but I’m just not a fan. Described as a combination of wax, paste and creme (hence ‘moulding compound’) this product will only work well with short to really short hair. I think this product would come into its own if I had curly or difficult to manage hair as it has a definite hold factor and once applied will stay put all day and into the evening. At over $40 the product is overpriced and the smell was also a bit too ‘chemically’ for my taste. Personally, I found this all to be underwhelming for my needs.

However, because it’s sold at Mecca Cosmetica, you can ask the friendly sales assistant for a free sample and try it for yourself. Well worth a look if you’re in the market for a workable paste with long wearing benefits (and can stomach the smell). Find it here

American Crew Forming Cream – $29.95

The ubiquitous choice of hair salons and barbers shops worldwide American Crew are on point again with their excellent Forming Cream. American Crew use images of Elvis Presley’s incredibly lustrous locks to promote their range, so if the ‘King’ is a fan then so am I. What makes this product great is howamerican crew versatile it is. It is suitable for all hair types, gives medium hold and a bit of shine which I like, rather than the ‘all matte, zero-shine finish’ which is so popular. The texture of the product is totally different from the previous two. It has the same consistency as Brylcreem and will add thickness and body to your hair, however, unlike Brylcreem it is water-based. I have used American Crew’s Fibre in the past but find Forming Cream far superior. All American Crew products smell similar with a classic masculine fragrance. The only downside is that, when compared to both the Redken and Bumble & Bumble products, you do need to use a generous amount as the holding power is not as strong. However, coming in at $29.95 – this product delivers great versatility, sleek packaging and high performance. It often comes as part of a gift pack, and the best place to find these are Hairhouse Warehouse.

Final Commentselvis

Overall – I am a massive fan of the American Crew Forming Cream. In fact, I am a huge fan of most American Crew products and have used their shampoo for years. The Redken and Bumble & Bumble products are great too but I would use them for very specific reasons.

American Crew Forming Cream is a great ‘all in one’ styling product that I can easily use everyday with confidence. Viva American Crew.


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