Overwatch: A Game Review

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainmentoverwatch_logo

Genre: First Person Shooter

My Rating: 9/10

The world is falling into desolation, the time of peace and prosperity has passed. The world needs heroes. The world needs you to take your keyboard, mouse and nimble fingers to save them! Or create havoc; it depends on the character you choose.

Enter Overwatch.

“The world needs you.”

The gameplay is amazing as a 6v6 multiplayer, objective-based shooter game; Blizzard Entertainment takes into consideration the different types of players. It caters to people of all skill levels, so if you have poor aim like me, then there are other ways to win the game. This is what makes Overwatch so successful; the diversity of its characters. For example, some characters don’t utilise pinpoint aim: some just throw grenades; so long as you aim in the direction of the opponents then you have a decent chance of at least one kill.

There is a character for every player to choose (currently there are 24), whether you’re a support, defense or offense type. If you’re the type of person who likes to charge in and kill everyone on sight (offense), you can choose Reaper who packs a powerful punch with his guns. Sneaking with Reaper would be better though; he has the ability to teleport to different places, so you can sneak up on your opponent and send them running for the hills. Not to mention his ultimate ability can kill everyone on sight by whirling himself around in a trigger-happy motion – this move is called the ‘Death Blossom’. You do not want to be around when that happens.

If you prefer to play on the safer side and help your team with decent firepower whilst having a longer life span, you can choose a defense hero like Mei. Now here’s a fun hero; you can freeze your opponents, allowing yourself and others to shoot a still target! Handy right? Her ultimate move is especially helpful; she can freeze an entire area, freezing multiple targets in one shot. Another move up her sleeve is ‘Ice Wall’, which provides a wall of protection for you and your team. It can also be a wall of pure hindrance where you can block players in a room or corner; this includes blocking your teammates, so aim carefully. When on low health, you can form into an ice block which protects you whilst healing you. Mei is the ultimate defense hero and the best pick to annoy anyone in the game!

Perhaps you don’t like to be in the middle of the battlefield and you’d prefer to keep your team alive; this is where you choose a hero like Mercy. She’s a beauty when it comes to healing the team, emitting a single beam which attaches onto a teammate to heal. She can also provide a damage boost beam, increasing the impact of fire power on the chosen hero. Her ultimate move is ‘Resurrection’ and let me tell you: there’s a reason why everyone tries to kill Mercy first. She can resurrect her entire team and win the point if utilised with the right timing. Be the sneaky healer that carries the team!

I can always look forward to playing Overwatch (i.e. procrastinating) although I find that I’m always downloading and installing updates which may take a while depending on the internet connection. I can easily say it’s worth the wait; not only do I get to enjoy the beautiful graphics of the maps but I also relish in the team play, fighting alongside with my friends and sometimes claiming victory! So come join us; the world still needs heroes.


4 thoughts on “Overwatch: A Game Review

  1. My friends have been bugging me to play Overwatch since its release. Sadly, I have neither the time, space, or money for such a hobby, but the gameplay is always a blast to watch. So many kickass characters too, Blizzard really knocked it out of the park with this one.

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  2. Thank’s for reminding me that this exists, got it around Christmas last year and just never spent enough time with it to really get a handle on the gameplay. I was a big Team Fortress 2 fan before they ruined it with hats and all that nonsense, and Overwatch reminds me a lot of what they game used to be.

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  3. Took me ages to get used to even just one character, but now I ‘think’ I’m alright at a few (by alright I mean, survive)! Oh yes, TF2 was so fun; I haven’t played in ages too. I think I’ll just stick with OW; it’s already one addicting game too many for me as a student!


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