Victoria, a literary powerhouse

Melbourne’s connection with the literary scene began shortly after the founding of the city (1835), with the establishment of a library, a literary journal and a bookshop; businesses that went on to become institutions of Melbourne. The State Library of Victoria was founded in 1854. The oldest public library in Australia, it now attracts two … Continue reading Victoria, a literary powerhouse


The trains at midnight run a lot slower. As though after a long busy day, time slows down and they no longer run on people’s schedules. Instead, they cruise along the tracks and lazily pass the people on platforms. This is the last train for the night. Mind the gap. The monotonic voice across the speaker rumbles against the static. I hop on the train and so it begins.

Fabergé Eggs

  Empress of Russia I never expected this. When May and I dreamed of husbands when we were five, neither of us imagined rising to the height of Grandmama. But now—I am an Empress. I feel as though it should not be me, it should be Ella or Vicky. They have always been the most … Continue reading Fabergé Eggs

Things you learn drinking with an Old Russian Man

A very long time ago, in a city that was not this one, I learnt a very important lesson about drinking from an old Russian man. For more ambience, play something like  this is the background. I was 16 at the time, and I’d stopped living with my parents or going to school about a year before, … Continue reading Things you learn drinking with an Old Russian Man

Perspective | On Writing by Silvia Brown

It’s not about what you want most. Life sucks and sometimes there are no publishers in shining armour coming to rescue your manuscript from the dungeons of the drawer that should not be opened. No matter how great you are or how connected. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. And I am ok with … Continue reading Perspective | On Writing by Silvia Brown

How a Conversation with an Uber Driver Changed Everything for Me

Mohammed’s laugh was loud and easy. It was enough to show he related to my experience. Not so long ago, I was travelling to work in a red Corolla Ascent with my Uber driver Mohammed. He was overly chatty whereas I just wanted to focus on my thoughts. I was happy to just listen to … Continue reading How a Conversation with an Uber Driver Changed Everything for Me