Travels in France with my father’s father

This blog tells of a trip to France that linked three generations of my family to a tiny village in the Somme. Written for the Travelling Solo section of, the purpose of the post is twofold: to provide advice and encouragement for single women who want to travel, and as a loving tribute to my father and his father. … Continue reading Travels in France with my father’s father


The ice cream maker

I have never thought much about ice cream. It was always there in the freezer - chocolate, vanilla and strawberry nestled side by side. The chocolate always disappeared first in my family, possibly helped along by the sneaky spoonful or two eaten when I had the house to myself. I still don’t really know whether … Continue reading The ice cream maker

UFOs and the Search for Extra-terrestrial Life

Intrigued by the possibility of life on other planets? Cut through the pile of UFO and Martian mania on the internet and get a dose of serious research…     Every year there are thousands of UFO sightings around the world, including a large number in Australia. It’s impossible to pin down exact numbers because … Continue reading UFOs and the Search for Extra-terrestrial Life

Aphelion – DNA

   Excerpt from Aphelion - Ace of the Universe  They lined them up like metal poles in the dirt. Holes already dug for their bodies - the ones who wouldn’t survive the turning. They called them soldiers, cut from the same skin, built from the same bone, and injected with the blood of those that … Continue reading Aphelion – DNA