Dinger is served

A Broadsheet critique for between the sheets Sex and food are two of our biggest vices but flavoured condoms (or dingers if you want to use their proper name) have been considered a novelty, reserved for teenagers and the free bowls at the sexual health clinic for far too long. But I think 2017 is … Continue reading Dinger is served


The Centre Cannot Hold: A Review of ‘Depends What You Mean by Extremist’

"Journalism," George Orwell once said, "is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations." If Orwell was right then John Safran's newly released book, Depends What You Mean by Extremist: Going Rogue With Australian Deplorables (Penguin, $29.95), is a damn fine piece of journalism. There's surely no shortage of fascists, anarchists, … Continue reading The Centre Cannot Hold: A Review of ‘Depends What You Mean by Extremist’

Twilight recap and mini review

Twilight recap and mini review That’s right, I’m tackling it. The mother of all teenage self insertion young adult novels. Twilight. Let’s get cracking. *** The novel begins with Bella Swan passive aggressively moving to live with her dad, Charlie, in the sodden butthole of the world, Forks. She’s sad and annoyed with this change, … Continue reading Twilight recap and mini review